The true inheritance



There is a story which often made me wonder about the reality of its existence. It is neither a thriller with an unexpected twist nor a romantic melodrama with a happy adieu .It consists of no rush of words in the mechanized world. It neither made a plea nor an order to obtain the attention of  readers.The story goes as

A very long ago, when  the men learned nothing except the art of hunger-satisfaction , a Shepard sat on a comfortable stone claiming a full view of the herd. The question is .

                                What can he possibly be thinking of ?

He doesn’t worry about the food as he already had it.He had a tranquility of a mortal god. On the time of sun just visited his village as he was passing through the mountains,one of the philosophers comfortably said aloud,”Damn it, Land is flat.So as the entire universe. you can see it,don’t you ?” to the enthusiastic query led by a young boy. He was perhaps thinking about his journey through the woods. Every time he reaches a slope, he questioned whether the earth was practically flat. He thought that water,the wind and every particle  of the sand would probably  be pushed into non-existence from the edge of the world. But he hadn’t seen the change of anything at any conscious time in his life.

What could be the shape of the world we live in ?

A wave of smile that holds mockery prevailed when he could find a shape that can explain his perspective. The shape resembles the stone he used to take rest. He neither did feel proud nor a sheer joy in finding the answer. He knows that the world we live in need lies to survive.

The world follows the heritable rule.A dogmatic approach to society can’t possibly understand or more probably resist the change of times. The Shepard is not an introvert by any sense of literature. He is merely enjoying his time rather than blurting over the ignorance of the world. The true inheritance of man obtained was to be the patience to let your voice stand by an idea at reasonable times to get the precise opportunity to be told.

So, That’s the story with something in it. Isn’t it ?

What makes “Googling” adorable..


 Google is the most popular search engine that was ruling our century.In fact, I guess that the renowned Google services are extensively used to read this article.It is very efficient compared to the other search engines. The services such as Yahoo,Bing,, DuckDuckGo..e.t.c. compete among themselves rather than with the tech giant(Google).

                                        According to stats,90% of market share of search engines with an error percentage (+1%) was crowned to Google for the past years.Yahoo holds a share of 3-4% which gets an equal seat with Bing of 2 4% and others (like Baidu) teeters between 0-1%. You can almost see the professional ethics of search engines by observing the interface of the homepage.

                               According to me , Google introverts as ” Hi.I know why you are here.Just type the keywords.I’ll try to help you by guessing some sentences.” While Yahoo as “Hi.Do you know about the recent trending topics?.We would love to share some articles about technology.Meanwhile, the search bar is pinned on the top of screen If you find it necessary”.Bing looks a similar copy of Google interface except that it lures viewers by some artistic images glued onto the homepage.

         Some of the Arab countries banned the Google services on the issue of security.In China , They have built their own version of search engines, social media networking, and various applications.Baidu is their most used search engine followed by local competitors.

                    It has an instant contact to various archives that help to the purpose of research. With an animated image for every special day and its innovative ideas to bring a reliable source of uninterrupted services had been succeeded to a great extent. Its consistency makes them as one of the most trusted services in the world.

Nowadays,“Google it” has become much more than a phrase.It’s a sentence which holds every thread of solution to a given query.

Positivity can just make the things right..

positivityIt’s strange that we don’t possibly get boredom by living with some routine things.Like the sun who makes an intentional journey to the south OR the wind which stays around us carrying same recycled oxygen and so on.They make us feel special either in complete loneliness or in sheer pleasure.They were things we often forget who was always be on our side regardless of asking for any gratitude.Fundamental science says that these kinds of luxuries exist without any help from the human.Yes,Isn’t it ?.

Starting with a much modern society where activities of people tend to become much selfish, An unparallel growth of mindset was attacking most people on earth.Earth had witnessed terrible accidents with the origin of the universe.Young minds can’t accept the true structure of a life.We live in a world where suicides depend on a chance of fair coin toss,violence which depends on sheer ignorance.A wise man once said that Feeling pain is a luxury whereas facing it is a true solution.

Being optimistic, a world of peaceful sorority exist around us.Like the science insisted on the origin of invisible particles that can possess energy can be the only source of inspiration.The people with no purpose is not basically eligible to live.

Curiosity as a quintessential thing..

curiosityFreedom is sort of thing seldom recognized in our century.It’s choice of a path that is chosen to lead to the destiny.Private education made it look like a dangerous thing.They are suppressing the basic element of human evolution.”Curiosity” Isn’t it ?.It is the main subdivision of freedom.On the account of early ages on earth,man would be afraid of  fire as it hurts him.It is his curiosity that gave us enough luxury to make a healthy lifestyle.Maybe we wouldn’t have known the law of universal gravity If newton finds himself hungry rather than amused on seeing a fallen apple.

Money is just a bargaining note of civilized culture.But it’s being influencing the people unnoticeably. A 21 years old human who became a billionaire was made as an example in the mind of young kids.Their prime motive is being diverted to that of money.Whenever expectations become superfluous, fear begins to conquer the minds and thereby causes the unnecessary disappointments.Every emotion in the world is unique,private and self-centred.They are to be inspired by their own motives rather than challenging the infected thoughts.

I saw some books named after “How to make friends within a day ?” “10 secret ways of success”..e.t.c     Is it really necessary to read them ?.

God created every single person on the earth with distinguishable features.They have potent to do something amid journey of their life.A wise man quoted : If death invites me,I shall not ask god for an another day.Life is full of possibilities with the freedom not opted as a choice but as a necessity .


Positivity is not about bargaining some attitude to resolve problems in certain matters.Sometimes environment pushes  deep into the situations where the people annoys with their juvenile behavior.Ethics are certain theories which can help them to control their emotions.

Nowadays, age became a great hindrance for learning such ethics.An old man can’t tolerate being taught by a wise young boy.Life experienced by the old man constantly adapted to appreciate him.To make him believe that the world is as wise as he was.When the time which definitely shall arrive in the future,he mourns on being a fool at which time would be too late  to have a breath of fresh air on this earth.


A little uncertainty..


I have felt the threads embedded on the bottom of fila shoes when it leisurely trudging through the unfinished road which leads to our apartment.People around me who cursed the sun of it’s intense hot at that very afternoon was busy photographing the red bright sun creeping to the west.People say that every moment can be enjoyed.Neither can I deny nor accept such things.When I was seven years old, My dad used to say that failure is not a part of success but rather teaches a way to reach the destiny.He exemplifies by asking ” Which part do you prefer to shift between two rooms.Among one with complete darkness and the other with complete brightness ?”

He says that the easiest path lead by people hurts the most as they were afraid of failure that may tempt them in the future.I always remember him and his words like an engraved crystal which helps to mold all the problems in my life.But life is on uncertainty principle. A slight deviation from the present would vanish the dreams.

The Artists..


People are busy in their usual life who always irritate to the slightest imperfection.Art is the one thing that can visualize their inner thoughts.They can be of different forms such as a  painting  or a novel or anything that can inspire them.Generally, reading a novel provokes a person to imagine his own characters.Such as, whenever it states as an”a haunted place”, Some may think of his own house ,or his favorite fictitious Baskerville’s palace or any other thing that really scared him.The artist who wrote it rides with you in his story.A painting or a movie was rather a one man perceptive accomplished by using his own experiences in the form of art.

A selfless work of an artist can be considered as a masterpiece.They revere the work rather than amused by the fame acquired due to it.It holds him to the entire life not as a pride but as an inexplicable glue of satisfaction.Such artists deserve the appreciation that our heart could give at its best.